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DJ Hooligan report of Scooter concert @ Moscow club Space 26.09.2008

Scooter doesn't have full live performance in Moscow during last 8 years! And me never been in such Scooter concert! If someone said me one year before that I will be in full Scooter concert and will be at backstage, at press-conference, and even will perform after Scooter by myself, than I'll say him: "You, man,  is crazy!"

 About 21:00 many fans was in the subway station "Medvedkovo". Some minutes after all start to move on concert. Posters proclaimed start of concert at 23:00, but all had understand that Scooter will appear on the stage at least after 1,5 hour after. But we need to borrow a good places closer to the stage. Also we discuss Scooter & related things :) I've meet many familiar & famous fans :)
 Firsty we walk on street & scream some fan shouts like "doop-doop-doop" or "Scooter", but later decided to go to club "Space" by trolleybus. We annmoying driver & passengers of trolleybus by loud behaviour & by inability to use a wicket of Moscow transport system :) As my friend noticed "Scooter fans are characterized by outstanding organisation!" :))) Far from all fans from the street went by trolleybus. Even when we get off from trolleybus, we can't determine right way to go. As the result, we went wrong way! Time to turn back :)
 When we arrived the club entrance, we saw the impressive turn. But time was only 21:30. I've got instuctions to enter the club at 21:00 by separate entrance. I've got accreditation as press. Don't want to say long story about some difficulties, but nobody wants to let me in. I enter the club only by wonder!
 Inside the club we have see preparation to concert. Me & photographer haven't got accreditation tickets & try to call the organazers. But they were busy. We have met many familiar people here. I personally know some personal of this club! I've asked: "When will be a press-conference with Scooter" & got the answer, that it already started! We rapidly run to a room, where Scooter answering the questions.

Here was 3 rows of interviewers & photographers. I'm going to 2nd row & take my list of preparated questions. I don't ask all of them, but most interesting was asked.
 Full log of press-conference with Scooter in Moscow (Thanks to Svetlana from "Dance Paradise Russia"):

? Last time You promised to visit Moscow with you wife.
- H.P.: We already was in Moscow with my wife one or two years ago. She haven't free time to currnet visit.
? Is there some funny during this visit in Moscow?

- H.P.: All organized very professionally. All right in time. But we got to traffic & go from hotel during 1 hour! Our driver chose wrong way & was stopped by road police. When policeman recognized Scooter in the car, they took us to the place with support & flashers. We event go to a red light! It was funny. It never been with us in Germany.

? Is it colder in Moscow than in Germany?
- Rick: We are lucky! Today is sunny. But of course it's colder in your country.
? Why in "Jumping All Over the World" video wasn't shootings of Russia?

- Rick: We shooting video on Red Square.
- H.P.: We wants to use it, but we have shoot it on small camera & quality wasn't good. So we can't use it during video production.

? How to feel you higher than Madonna? I mean this spring, when you turn Madonna off from the top of UK charts.
- H.P.: We was shocked & very happy when our album go to #1. It was very important for us. With Madonna it was a funny story, but really it more important to be #1, no matter who was there before us.
? Is she called you?

- H.P.: Not yet.
? From what do you take inspire for making new tracks?
- Rick: We like to give concerts, go to many places.
- Michael: When you travel everywhere, you got ideas about new tracks.
- H.P.: People from many countrieas are support you & this is really nice!
? Rick, I know that your wife take part in records of sme Scooter songs.

- Rick: She didn't took part in recording of "Jumping All Over the World" album, but she sings in older tracks like Jigga Jigga or Nessaja.

? Why do you re-edit latest album?
- H.P.: We've got new material, new single, and we got a DCD from the Berlin live show. And bonus DVD with videos all we ever released in one package.

? You have record single with Status Quo?
- H.P.: Firslty we have recorded track which used a guitar riff from Whatever You Want. It was played at live tour & we get really great reaction on this track. So we asked Status Quo if they wants to do a single together? They said "Why noy?" & we did it. They record new vocals & now everyone are happy. They are really nice guys. We met firstly on video shooting & now plan to play on stage together..
? You have such cool dark eyelashes - Are you coloured them or they are natural?
- H.P.: They are natural, even as my hair. (laugh)
? What can you say about pirating your albums?

- Rick: It is a really big problem, and artist can't do anything with it. It is a problem of music business around the world.
- H.P.: We doing our work, and this problem is work for people from record companies.
? We've heard that Scooter is the reachest group in Germany. Is it true?
- H.P.: We are rich of life experience. If you means rich of money, you must call Scorpions.
? Have you ever had a crisis of middle-age?

- H.P.: I had something like this in age of 28, but it was before Scooter have successed.

? When you will release a ballad? It's too time lasts since your latest ballad.
- H.P.: While producing new album we want to do something very different. At least one track in the album. Like ballad or track Marian from last album. It is question of inspiration. (same answer was on question about using orchestral instruments in future tracks, like in "Stripped (Orchestral version"))
? Are you planned new Ratty tracks or releases with Michael?

- H.P.: Nothing planned. If something will be released, not with Michael. (laugh)

? You have used a jewish melody in one of tracks from 1996' year album
- H.P.: Yes, the really good tune. I like it & we play it in Israel. It was long time ago. We had 3 concerts & everytime it does very well.
? Do you like jewish?

- H.P.: I know many people there. And all they are nice!

? Tell us what is you rider includes?
- (laugh) H.P.: We have a long riders. And 90% of it - what I like. I.e. vodka Russkij standart.
? Do you have a special things? For example, Moby's rider contain banana's bread?
- H.P.: Banana's boat? We don't use the drugs. (laugh)..

? Do you like fish dishes?
- H.P.: I love herring mousse. I like salmon and sushi. I don't make food.
- Rick: He never been in kitchen really.
? What do you think about music. You are in music during 15 years. Something was changed?
- H.P.: Many changes. Many styles, trends. Firstly we playing fast & har music. "I'm Raving" was a first one not so fast. Then we release progressive house, trance on our albums. Now we change to Jumpstyle. Everything is changed.

? Isn't Jumpstyle is too simple? Don't you want to produce more complicated music?
- Rick: In previous album we have experimented with rock, hip-hop and it doesn't work! And we knows that people like simple dance music, which concentrayed on some music lines. Sometimes is more harder to make a simple good track, than to produce a hard & complicated and not acceptable by many people.

Video (22Mb)
I called H.P. as "XP" :) Everybody become laugh :) Microsoft destruct my brain:)
? H.P.: H.P. When you will give up smoking? Fans are take care about your health!
- H.P.: I don't know. Why? There are many harmfull things around. Everytime it can fall down brick on your head.

Video (2Mb)
? Is it hard for you to work in the group & spend time with your family?
- Rick: We can't imagine our life in other way. Concerts are 200% of entertaiment for us. The same as about our work in studio!
- H.P.: I think it's dummy question. Many people works as managers in banks & working full time a day. And they haven't time for private life. Same with music artists.
? Question for H.P.: You have nice rings on your fingers. They made by famous disighers?
- H.P.: Yeah... I like one shop in Hamurg. Small company, which make silver rings in pirate style. This ring is many years with me & I don't know where did I get it. And this I've bought in New York. And I lkie all of them very much!
? Are you collcecting the rings?
- H.P.: Yes. Rings. And bracelets (showing big silver bracelet) - I like them!
? Do you present brilliants to your wife?
- H.P.: Yes, of course.
? What do you present she last time?
- H.P.: It is a pricate question.

? How many people in your support team?
- H.P.: When we have a tour in Germany, we go by own trailer wit 40 technicians & pyrotechnicians. When we travel outside Germany we got team of 15 poeple. So other personnel are local.

I turn my language from Russian to English, because this way it was easier to communicate :)) Finally I've got press accreditation tickets on this conference :)
 Group was very friendly! I was happy that Scooter are knowing me. When St.Petersburg fans start to photo with Scooter, Rick called me to photo with them too :) When Scooter sign my Maxi-CD "Vallee De Larmes" they respectly said "Oh! Our the first one!".

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