Scooter - 2008


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22:00 Scooter crew soundcheck
23:00 Dancecore United/DJ Hooligan Live soundcheck
23:10 Happy Weekend
01:10 U.L.A.
03:00 Oksana Pochepa
03:30 Dancecore United incl. DJ OK :) & DJ Hooligan Live-performance
04:30 DJ Filter

Finally lights was turn off & we have listen to intro sounds... I haven't see Berlin concert yet, so all was very special for me now! And I haven't put in my mind tracklist which was on the stage. video (3Mb)
Rick & Michael appears on the keyboards & H.P. run to the stage with microphone. It begins!!! video (71Mb)
I feel myself limke go-go dancer :) I dance at the 2nd floor left from the scene :) Finally me with my friends jumping all over 2nd floor :)
Closer to us was Jens Thele who sometimes go out from Scooter dressing-room & saw the concert.

Outstanding atmosphere! When H.P. talk with the crowd: crowd was more louder than H.P. with microphone! It was very impressive!

video (2Mb)

video (48Mb)

video (4Mb)

I looked on concert rght from this position. But I have a good features! I have many place to dance!

video (12 Mb)

video (49 Mb)

Concert takes 1,5 hours! After last track group go up stirs. We called him & thanks him for the show :)

  Some after Sheffield Jumpers are go to the dancefloor.

 They give their cards to everybody, make photos.
Some minutes after Dancecore United & DJ OK :) go to the stage.

I was jumping at the stage all 30-minute set, then I took microphone & breaking fast & energetic music set :)

I said some words & sing our MainstreaM single!
It was unbelievable, that some people at dancefloor tried to copy my dance moves! :)
At the hall I've met many familiar Scootrer fans (about 100). Somebody, which I knew personally, somebody I knew by Internet, even those who visit me in Saratov or live in Saratov, but I never met them in my home city.
  And many more people whom I don't know, but they knows me :) We discuss the concert & related things with fans.
Thank you for everyone who make my dreams come true!

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