Российский тур группы Scooter - 2008





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  After press-conference Scooter going away.
The dancefloor. Empty yet...
Dancecore United was announced as the warm-uping group, but their performance was approved only 1 day before they show. I've got the single this year with DJ OK :) who involved in this project. And I've got crazy idea to did a live-act at DJ-warm-up with this track. Such way warm-up of Dancecore United will be s live show: DJ-set, MC & Live dance performance :)
And finally YESS!!! DJ OK :) have got the Artist accreditation for me!!! So I became a Press & Artist at this concert. You can see members of DJ-warm up on this photo: Dancecore United, me & DJ Happy Weekend. And D-Man (our dear photorgapher ;-) ). He can't get Artist accreditation, but won more interesting thing! He borrowed most impressive place on the dancefloor - in 1st row, just before main stage!

We went to the scene. Scooter crew had soundchek before us. We listen to Scooter remix on Lüetzenkirchen "3 Tage Wach", but it wasn't later on the concert!

So here we go on the scene. And making our soundcheck ;)

video (2Mb)

Technical concert tracklist for Rick. Every place on scene had our tracklist - for Michael, for pyro, ... As you can see the last track in this list is "Ramp", but really it was replaced by "Hyper Hyper" on the concert.

video (2Mb)

And this is my single!
  All ready? Let's check out? Live performance with "Karaoke"-version. I need to some modify my dance act according to big microphone in the arm! :)
All done!
Right in this time many fans was run to the dancefloor from entrance. About 10 rows closer to stage was borrowed in some seconds. We shout some things. Somebody recognized me :)
Soundcheck was finished & DJ Happy Weekend goes on decks. He played his set about 2 hours before Scooter: Electro-house, Dancecore, Jumpstyle, Hardstyle...
Well, now we start to search our dressing-room. And can't find it. So we had go to Jumper's dressing-room, who was absent yet. But technician from Scooter crew said us, that Jumpers will be here soon, so we must to leave this room as soon as posible.
Finally our dressing-room was found. It was for all warming-up project together.
One of Dancecore United team was a choreographer!
So we decide to modify my dance performance more nicer.
I made my dance act by myself, so I can't see some things from eyes of crowd :)
At the same time there was a many many people in the club dancefloor!
Security was very fair & glad :)
Crowd scream "Scooter" again & again. But it wasn't announced that Scooter will appear only at 1:30. So warm-up before the concert took 2,5 hours. Dancecore United must be right before Scooter, but due to some lags timetable of warm-up moved.
This is Scooter dressing-room on the 2nd floor left & under from the stage ;) Here are Dancers & Jumpers dressing-rooms too.

Jumpers appears! All the crowd have move thier heads to then! Sheffield Jumpers jump with music.

And go to dressing-room. Crowd was happy - this means that Scooter are here & will perform very soon! :))

Right before Scooter appearance at the stage was project ULA.
  Fans was angry... They want Scooter & can't wait anymore. They scream "Scooter" again & again.

 I've got my place during the concert closer to Scooter dressing-room. It was stupid to go into dancefloor: all places closer to the scene was already borrowed.

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