My rating for all album tracks. 5-very best, 4-good, 3-middle, 2-poor, 1-shit.

1. Stealth

    Intro with cuts of russian TV-interview where man talk about something4

2. J'adore Hardcore

    Album version is differ from single edit: it smoothly begins from intro. Track is the one of my this year favourite tracks. I like hardstyle not so far away & Scooter also start to make hardstyle :) "Chase The Sun" melody is boring now, & music part taken from The Pitcher, but it's so energetic, that I can't sit on my chair!   5+

3. Ti Sento

    Technoboy "Ti Sento" was my earworm & hit in beginning of 2009. So melody is already boring in my head. This track is closer to jumpstyle. Lack of instrumental parts. Instrumental break remindme Snap "Rhythm Is A Dancer".    5

4. State of Mind

    Hardstyle afain. Typcal Scooter. Sharon den Adel's vocal, H.P. shouting & hard rhythm. Not a real "hardstyle", it's Scooter-hardstyle :)    5

5. Where The Beats

    Technoboy "Ti Sento" again. But this time it's some retouched Technoboy's melody. But here many things to listen. Vocal reminds me happy hardcore times. Great track!     5

6. Bit A Bad Boy

    I don't know original of this track, but I've heard uk hardcore cover by Scott Brown called "Will I Stay". But here also H.P. lyrics, hardstyle-beat & happy sound from Scooter.    5

7. The Sound Above My Hair

   This track differs from other by H.P. "real" singing :) Molody reminds Black "Wonderfull World". Modern scooterish happy hardcore.  5

8. See Your Smile

    Legendary "Rainbow In The Sky", this time in Scooter version. Let's say that version is some boring. Maybe because there isn't development of melody in track.  4

9. Clic Clac

    Pinnochio-theme. They continue remake these childish melodies :)  3

10. Second Skin

    Most "different" album track. It's a melodic pop-track with H.P. vocals.    5

11. Stuck On Replay

    Lionel Richie's "Stuck on You" cover, which also can be rememeber from Mark'Oh cover. Hardstyle-part is from DJ Phyl Ty, but some worser then "A Kay A" :)    4

12. Metropolis

   Opera vocal & typical final track with trance rhythm. I think during 10 years only previous album haven't such final.   5

Summary: New Scooter album - one of the best from 4th chapter. Or the best. Happy Hardcore inspiration is present during whole album. But mor mordern, Somewhere with hard rhythm, somewhere with melodic vocal part, but everywhere full of soul & energy! Total rating 4.6!

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