Scooter "Sheffield"

    Super!!! I liked "Sheffield" (after first listening) much more, than "BTTHWJ", "No Time To Chill" & "Age Of Love". Style of CD is techno-trance + ballades, so album more better, than previous (club-style techno album). I love TRANCE!!! There are no trance-tracks in last 2 Scooter albums, guys put them as b-sides on singles ("Sputnik", "Monolake"). And this!!! This make me crazy! I affraided, that Scooter will release second album with small difference from previous, but this didn't matter! I marked tracks (5-very best, 4-good, 3-middle, 2-shit, 1-real shit). All written may don't coincide with your opinion. Sorry for bad english :-)

    After more than 2 months of listening CD, I wrote some additional comments (yellow)...

1.MC's Missing

    This intro listen like intro from "BTTHWJ" - compilation of different sounds without order. 3

2.Don't Gimme The Funk

    Unexpected new style! Potential single, i.e. words & all accompanying present! Large squall of melodies in track make me joyful, by the way, not only in this one! Firstly Scooter used violins 8-( ) 5

3.I'm Your Pusher

    First single from album. You heared this. Composition of song like in "HMITFish?" 5

    After 3 months I understood, that song have cool music. Many original ways & superbeats!

4.Where Do We Go?

    Like  "Watch Out" of this album. Music with sample sounds, like Chicane, Fragma 4+

    Yes, club track with Chicane-like samples.

5.Sex Dwarf

    I think, that it is cover of Mark Almond. And not bad cover! It is also potential single. But music of this song not saturated: Scooter layed stress on H.P.' voice. Really, when you listen to this song, there is no music. 5+

    Cover of SoftCell. Very cool performed by H.P.!!! Very interesting & original song. If you more listen it, than you more like it! It must be 3rd single from album!!!

6.She's The Sun

    I don't think, that this is potential single, like many people. But you may have good relax with this song. Scooter said on MTV-Russia, that they love Depeche Mode. And here it goes: this track sounds like "No Good"! 4+

    Yes, it is 2nd single, but single version have some differences between album version. "No Good" still presents. Very slow, non-like-Scooter song. But it can more better, if H.P. had really sing in some places (not speak).

7.Space Cowboy

    Club track. Style like in "Where Do We Go?". 4+

    Very energetic song with trance like Deep Forest inside itself. I'm think, that it will enter my chart.

8.Never Slow Down

    During 1st munite of listening I remember following songs: Scooter "Tonight"...Bomfunk MC's "Freestyler"...Celebrate The Nun...Scooter "Don't Waste No Time". Summary, this song is very original. If Scooter released it like single before Bomfunk MC's "Freestyler", than it will become a world hit! "Freestyler" reached #2 in official world chart, & Scooter with same conception of the song with many addition musix, looks better, than "Freestyler". Style of the song - brake-beat. 5+

9.Down To The Bone

    TRANCE-track. Not slowly. But SUPER! 5+

10.Summer Wine

    Diet with Nikk. Ballad, in which also layed stress on voice! When I listen to this one, I remember one of duets of Nick Cave. 5- 5

11.Dusty Vinyl

    Club track, what you can see from track name. Style Techo-Drum'N'Bass. Heap of samples without main theme. 3 4-

    I've heard main theme after some listenings. Well, original track...


    Typical last album track. Sad theme, without words. The end of album is near... ;-(  ;-((( 5+


Totally: There are less of poor & club tracks , and I think it is better! Album is very nice!!! Total mark - 4.2. More than half of album (7 tracks) marked as 5, 2 tracks as 3. Tottaly "Sheffield" - one of the best Scooter CDs!!! Irrefutable best of new staff's CDs (after Ferris gone).

Total mark - 4.58, super result!