I'm Your Pusher cover

I'm Your Pusher

CD 0110505STU

1. I'm Your Pusher 3:56

2. I'm Your Pusher (Full Lenght) 4:46

3. The Pusher 2 5:36

4. Firth Of Forth 3:38

I'm Your Pusher

Like album version. Мои оценка трекам по 5-ти бальной шкале:5

I'm Your Pusher (Full Lenght)

Music between parts of song more longer.5

The Pusher 2

Music between parts of song like independent club track.5-

Firth Of Forth

Next suuuuper trnce-b-side from  Scooter. Super music, super trance. No explosion, hard beats & drums, Only relaxative music. I.e. Track like "Monolake" 5+