Just got Deluxe edition of "Mind The Gap" from Germany & will describe it here. I don't read any review of album & not heard smaples of it. So this is my first independent oppinion :) If you don't know - I wrote review 2 times: during first listening & after 2 months. I've rate tracks (5-very best, 4-good, 3-middle, 2-shit, 1-real shit). All of written here may not coincide with your opinion. Sorry for bad english :-)

1. Killer Bees

    Trancy intro...  5

2. One (Always Hardcore)

    I've already heard this song in single version, so missed in album version music from Cappella "Move On Baby" is very need ;-) 5-

3. Shake That

    As I wrote many time I don't like this song very much. Because club-house isn't what I like, but song is catchy anyway 5-

4. My Eyes Are Dry

     Begins like techno (Tomcraft, Westbam). Electrotechno. But some poor in my oppinion. Song can be more better! 4

5. All I Wanna Do

    AAAAH!!! Somebody tell me that it is worst track from album, but this song is awesome!!!  Hardcore drums, pitched voice!!! Superble!!! Old Sheryl Crow's hit in happy hardcore style!!! I very like this song!!! Don't await from Scooter such traack! So HH is returned & not only in UK! 5

6. Jigga Jigga

   Song which was firstly planned as new Ratty single, but finally released as Scooter. One of the great but not such successfull as it must be Scooter song! 2nd place in Eurovision contest from Germany.  5

7. Panties Wanted

    Funny song :) Smells like Nirvana in chorus :-) 4

8. Trance-Atlantic

    All understand from the title of song. Trance in style of Armin Van Buuren sets. I.e. more lile NL & UK  progressive trance. Nice... :) 5

9. Stripped

    Depeche Mode cover. With H.P. voice remining times of Celebrate The Nun... Very good pop song! 5

10. Suave

    And here goes Latino house. I hate latino! Even from Scooter 2

11. The Chaser

    !!! This track like "Like Hypa Said" at previous album. But more lyrics here! 5

12. The Avenger's Back

    Remind me "Don't Gimme The Funk" at start. But track is don't liked by me at first listening.  4-

13. Trip To Nowhere

    Typical final track! As always good!!!  5

Summary: New album promised as "experimeltal" isn't experimental. Some tracks which are differs from most current album tracks always present. Total rate = 4.42. 3/4 of album (9 tracks) rated as "5", 1 track - "2" & 3 as "4". So album is quite good! ;-)

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