Just received album from Germany. Design of fan-calendar is original :) Seems to be it was made on the same technics which produses CDs & booklets :-) Rates are: 5-very best, 4-good, 3-middle, 2-shit, 1-real shit.

1. Lights On

    Intro bring us to older times... Like Scooter albums of 90s. Opera vocals...Mysterious atmosphere... 5

2. Hello (Good To Be Back)

    Not really like this track. Because it too similar with "One (Always Hardcore)". & melody again was taken from Cappella's tracks 3+

3. Priveleged To Witness

    Perfect track!!! Uplifting trance & high-pitched vocals 5

4. Rock Bottom

    Here is Jordan & Baker "Explode". Like Scooter remix on it, but with many H.P. lirycs added. 4

5. The Leading Horse

    Another cover on Vangelis. Lirycs by Ferris (???!) Rap from H.P.! Many people compare this song with 50 Cent, but I'm not see similarity  4

6. Take Me Baby

   Benassi-sound which I've expected from Scooter during last 2 years. No! I'm not wanted it. But I was sure that it will happened. Only like trance interlude in the middle of track  3+

7. Apache

    Classic western melody. Instrumental track. Nothing catchy  3

8. See Me, Feel Me

    Remake on 80s hit by Dee D. Jackson "Automatic Lover". Potential single. Very cool melody & music (which unpresent in original song)! But also remains some old classic tunes (Dune "Dark Side Of The Moon") 5+

9. Unity Without Words pt.3

    Not so fast instrumental track  4

10. Everlasting Love

    This song was covered many many times. Now it's time for Scooter. They added new inpire to it. Style is a Happy Hardcore with happy high-pitched voice & fast BPM5

11. Seven Bridges

    Chorus. H.P lirycs. Typical Scooter-track. Very interesting music  5

12. Mesmerized

    Typical final track of Scooter album. Every album & every time final tune is romantic & sadly melody...  5

Summary: New album for me is more better at first listening than previous one. Total average rate is 4.3

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