Rates are: 5-very best, 4-good, 3-middle, 2-poor, 1-shit.

1. The Definition

    Unusual intro. Classical music with reading of definition of "Jumping" 2

2. Jumping All Over The World

    Very good beginning! As always HP shouts & high pitched voice chorus, Single on this track will be released at February'2008... 5

3. The Question Is What Is The Question

    Well-known hit. Due to it's success Scooter are start to record this album. 5

4. Enola Gay

    Boring melody of OMD. This hit was also covered by Sash! in the end of 90s. Here are only jumpstyle drums slightly added... 4

5. Neverending Story

    Cover on Limahl. In style of "The Night", "See Me Feel Me" 5

6. And No Matches

   2nd single from this album. Similar with first one, but have some new interesting features.  5

7. Cambodia

    I wan't impressed by Scooter version of this hit.  3

8. I'm Lonely

    IMHO one of the best tracks on this album! Melodic chorus, HP shouts & beatiful music!  5

9. Whistling Dave

    Russian old melody with whistling. 3

10. Marian (version)

    Most outstanding track on this album, because in completely differnet style. Dark HP vocal4

11. Lighten Up The Sky

    Don't understand... Hardcore - hardstyle - jumpstyle. Instrumental track. Nothing remember.  3

12. The Hardcore Massive

    Hardcore-instrumental track with something like bavarian belody inside. But isn't real hardcore. I don't like it too.  3

13. The Greatest Difficulty

    Outro. Classical music again.  2

Summary: New Scooter album is more better than previous (I even don't wrote my review of previous album). The total rate is 4.1 without intor & outro.

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