Back To The Heavyweight Jam

    3 month ago I bought this album & wrote review. Since that time I change some conclusions & I added new words to old text & marked tracks (5-very best, 4-good, 3-middle, 2-shit, 1-real shit). All new wrote by yellow color. Begining of old review:

    Wow!!! But style like in previous album. CD at this time more club & antipop ( unlike "Age of Love" for example ). Little value of potential singles,  like in case of "No Time To Chill"... There are very light, that next single from "Age of Love" , will be "The Age of Love", and I don't say about "Our Happy Hardcore", but I'm distracted... All written may don't coincide with your opinion. Comparison with old tracks I wrote only for fans, which may slightly represent new tracks.

1.Keyzer Soze

    What's the intro! Something really new!!! Don't looks like other music at the album. I think that sample taken from fantastic movie.

    Yes! I'll been right about film! Rating - 3

2.Watch Out

    Agressive & energetic techno madness! Very strong track! One of my favourite tracks from this album. Don't looks like all other band works! I recommend to listen this track at max volume & max bass.



    Best track of disk. But I think that it is second "Let Me Be Your Valentine". At MTV's european top 20 during 5 years only 4 Scooter videos, including this video!

    Track stay in my chart more than 20 weeks & don't be lowered 16 position (from 30). 5+

4.Well Done, Peter

    I think that this tittle about Hans-Peter Baxxter ( H.P.). I call this style "techno-boom-boom". Interesting moment of song is the sample after 2 minutes! That's why You must listen this track! Instrumental composition with screams of H.P. in deutch.

   Original track!!! Like "We Are The Greatest": if You listen it more times You like it more & more! So I advise to You listen it not only for the sake of sample. 5

5.Fuck the Millenium

    On Official Fan Page written, that track possible will be second single from album. I think that it is unmelodic poor song, but with interesting music! Tittle! (frankly second "Move your Ass"). At time, when all greet & glorify millennium, Scooter fuck it...

    If compare album & single-video tracks, than album version is very poor! But single is very cool! Some words change places & some bad words are cut :-)  album-3, single-5+

6.The Revolution

    Guitar riffs again, but between ones very COOL melody! I don't listen last time any trance melodic theme like it.

    After "Fire" russian bands start to make similar songs, and Scooter include track with riffs in every album, so I boring from riffs. 5


    Due the title, You will never guess, that this track is quietest of this album. Something from "Cosmos", "No Fate" & "Everythings Borrowed".


8.The Learning Process

    "Across The Sky" + techno + opera.

    Song proves not simple like at the first look! After multi-listening of album songs enter my chart & reached #3! 5-

9.I'll Put You On The Guestlist

    Couplet - cut from "FasterHarderScooter", poor chorus.



    Theme reminds of U96 "Club Bizzare". Without words. Sometimes seems like music & beat not coincided.

    Not poor, that I thought! 4


    Asian theme, with techno-rhythm. And something like Members of Mayday "Sonic Empire".


12.No Realise

    Original instrumental track. I don't any compares.

    Yes, cool thing. It never boring! 5


Totally techno album. House not present. You may hear break beat notes in one track, & sample in "Well Done, Peter" is very original, You must hear it!

Conclusion: Between strong track (less) there are many middle & poor tracks at this album. They may do better album (it is always), all the more that they released album since 14 months, unlikely usually 9-10 ones!

Total raiting is 4.000. Half of the album (6 tracks) marked as 5, other half is average 3. Poorest track - Kashmir! If You don't agree with me, than You may be fan of asian music, or really crazy Scooter fan.