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Вы хотите иметь все треки всех синглов, альбомов, сайд-проектов и бывших участников Scooter в мрЗ (15 дисков)? Закажите Scooter-проект здесь или видеоклипы. Все ссылки на мпЗ публикуются в гостевой книге
track from time bitrate size
Unreleased mix vol.1
Unreleased mix vol.2
Celebrate The Nun from Bootleg CD-R 1:30   1,5
Holly Johnson - Legendary Children
(The Hall of Trance mix)
Holly Johnson - Legendary Children Remixes 3:54 128 3747
First Level Cosmos(Captain Jeff) - First Level

is a Scooter's "Coldwater Canyon" but with words (on russian). Also have excelent video! It was in heavy rotation on MTV Russia in 1999.
3:26 192 4953

Celebrate The Nun Unreleased mix vol.1 by DJ
1. Celebrate The Nun - Ordinary Town (Demo version)
2. Celebrate The Nun - How Can I Tell You
3. Celebrate The Nun - Life Behind
4. Celebrate The Nun - I Want To See You
Celebrate The Nun Unreleased mix vol.2 by DJ
1. Celebrate The Nun - Will You Be There (Demo version)
2. Celebrate The Nun - My Favourite Girls
3. Celebrate The Nun - Nightlife
4. Celebrate The Nun - When You Dance (Studio Rough mix)
5. Rick J.Jordan - Why

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JayFrog   old solo works of Scooter member
Celbrate The Nun   H.P.'s & Rick project 1989-1991

Scooter Videos:


  Kosmos feat Mary K - Codo

  Ziggy X - Stormy Cloud

  Captain Jeff (Cosmos) - First Level NEW
7Mb.wmv 32Mb.wmv

Additional videos:

 Interview with Axel Coon @ Dance Station'2006

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Scooter studio interview'2007 (mp3-rip)


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