Scooter came to Moscow with new Uner The Radar Over The Top Tour!

March, 27th SCOOTER performed in MILK club with live concert


(face2face with group in their hotel room day before the concert)

RSP (Russian Scooter Posse): Hi, H.P., Rick and Michael! Nice to meet you!
H.P. & Michael: Hi!

RSP: Happy birthday, H.P.! Here's a gift for you from Russian Posse!
Hey, my birthday is over, ha-ha-ha!
RSP: Better late than never, you know!
(We're giving a handmade doll dressed in a sweater with a word 'Scooter' on it)
H.P.: Is this Jay?
(Everybody's laughing)

H.P.: Really looks like Jay.
RSP: Yeah, yeah, but you can call her Maria.
Where's her pussy?
(Everybody's laughing again)

H.P.: Michael, you're pervert!
(Laughing, laughing, laughing)

RSP: OK, guys, our first question. We heard that you've recorded the whole concert in Hamburg! Is that true?
(laughing): I knew, that your first question will be about the DVD!
Rick: Yeah, we just started working on the sound mixing for this record and also on the video editing and I think it's going to be released in GermanyЕ
H.P.: In May!
RSP: And what about BluRay version? Will it be released this time?
Well, I think this time it's going to be on a BluRay too.

RSP: Our next question is about your next album. Will it be in a Jumpstyle, Hardstyle, or we can expect something new?
Oh, we still don't know yet. We're going to start to work on a new materialЕ m-m-m-mЕ I think next month,.
RSP: Many people want Scooter to do more old school Hardcore and Rave stuff like Hyper Hyper, Move Your Ass. Can you see yourself as a real Hardcore producers in the future? Maybe something like Crank it Up? Something more underground?
We like the hard stuff and we like Trance tunes. So it depends on ideas. Which ideas you have and how you feel. Our last albums was really harder than before. I'm sure we'll do this stuff again in a way, but maybe we'll try it in another style.
RSP: We heard many suggestions from the ravers who want you to re-release some of your old stuff like ЕAnd The Beat Goes On! but in new version.
Rick: We sometimes do it liveЕ
H.P.: Yeah, live, we have some special versions.
Rick: I think it will make no sense to re-release them like BBE or Three Drivers doing it with their tracks almost every year.
H.P.: But we could do something like a bonus remix album. That would be an idea. Yes, yes, maybe we'll do this.

RSP: Ratty's Sunrise (Here I Am) is still rather popular tune at Hard Dance events. Would you like to release something new under the Ratty alias?
Really? Do they still listen to Sunrise? I'm really glad then. Yes, we will try to please you with new Ratty stuff.

RSP: OK, thank you very much for the chat! It was very nice to meet you here, in Moscow!
Thank you and see you at the concert!
Rick & Michael: Bye-bye!

Interview by: Hardskull, Iceman, Scar, Phantom, NRJ-Dimon
Text decrypted by Scar


20:00 doors open
22:30 - 23:45 DJ One of The Best vs Jeany Kiss
00:00 - 01:30 SCOOTER

01:30 - 02:30 Dj FILLTER ft. Mc B-Kicker & DLM (Russian Shuffle Team)
03:30 - 04:30 Outland!ch ft. DJ
04:30 - 05:30 TECH DNM



 This time Scooter bring us new show - Under The Radar Over The Top. We've got tracks from last 2 albums & of course some of old good hits. You can see tracklist of concert little bit higher :)
 Moscow concert differs from german ones: it has only one "encore" part & all setlist was some cutted. We don't heard new version of "Where's The Beats", instrumental Medley, "Fire" & "Second Skin". Anyway Scooter was on the scene during 1,5 hours and it's very good!
 We haven't any pyrotechnics due to fire in russian club some months ago. Many people have died that time, so pyrotechnics are prohibited in clubs now. We also haven't screens, which bring some fresh to German concerts.
 Show was very energetic. Danefloor of Milk club was full. Hands up in the air. All sing together. Even on sofas in VIP-zone nobody can't seat during Scooter performance.
 H.P. Baxxter & company bring us dance smash hits without any break. There was only steam guns & light effects, but this was enough! This concert, live performance & speaking with crowd don't take a chance to deflect to somethinge else.









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