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Chart success of singles> Maria (I like it Loud):
Czech TV Chart (ESO) - 1
Czech radio chart (Fajn radio) - 1
Jigga Jigga: Czech radio chart (Fajn radio) - 2 [Thanx to Jiri]

Me & my stuff> Added No Fate - blue CD, Scooter phone card
Trade> Added many things to trade with you


dave-ice scaned article about Scooter from german magazine

Chart success of singles> Maria (I like it Loud): Ireland Dance chart - 3>2
Dinamit FM (rus) - 2 of 2003


Single...graphy> Added scans of Let Me Be Your Valentine Vinyl, Fire 2nd Vinyl, Call Me Manana Vinyl, Jigga Jigga another label Vinyl, Jigga Jigga 2 tracks
CD...graphy> Added scans of CDs from Our Happy Hardcore Polish release, We Bring The Noise - Limited edition, We Bring The Noise - Japanese release
[Thanx to notimetochill & daniel fritz]


Chart success of singles> Maria (I like it Loud):
Germany - 33 of 2003
Hungary - 17 of 2003

Germany - 44 of 2003
Chart success of albums> The Stadium Techno Experience: Germany - 69 of 2003


Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga:
Norway - 13>10
Denmark - 18
Bayern - 19
Norwegian Dance chart - 26>19
Scandinavian dance chart - 31>20
Swedish dance chart - 34
Switzerland - 45
Moldova - 45
Roll Baby Roll
: Dinamit FM (rus) - 39

Me & my stuff> Added 24 Karat Gold DVD


1. 20:00:00

Jay Frog set at Sunshine-Live:

2. 20:03:00 unknown treasure microbe
3. 20:07:00 summer sun afterborn
4. 20:14:00 timeless (ratty rmx) ron van den beuken
5. 20:20:00 moments (the matrix dub mix) dj tatana
6. 20:26:00 far from in love above & beyond
7. 20:31:00 cloud city dj precision
8. 20:38:00 jigga jigga scooter
9. 20:45:00 epic rusch & murray
10. 20:48:00 deftic (b-seite) y.o.m.c.
11. 20:54:00 lektrik adam sheridan
12. 20:59:00 rush aalto
13. 21:06:00 my religion pulser
14. 21:10:00 waiting kota
15. 21:16:00 gamemaster (rmx) lost tribe
16. 21:20:00 the 7th day the gift
17. 21:25:00 transfer e.p. gate
18. 21:33:00 silence 1 bootlek


Single...graphy> Added scans of The Night - UK release, Maria (I Like It Loud) - UK release
Me & my stuff> Added Weekend - UK release, The Night - UK release, Maria (I Like It Loud) - UK release


Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga:
Czech DJ Centrum chart - 1
Ireland Dance chart - 3
Sweden - 44>25

Videos> Added by Tony: Jigga Jigga (Liver at Dome)


Single...graphy> Added CD of Jigga Jigga [Thanx to Vincze Imre SP]


Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga: Germany - 10
Vote for "Weekend" at MTV Russia top 100 of 2003


Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga:
Swedish Dance Trends - 1
Austria DJ chart - 19>3
Norway - 13
Austria - 16
Norway Dance chart - 26
Scandinavian Dance chart - 31
Sweden - 44

"Transe X-Mas" compilation was released on Pulsive Media label. Ferris Bueller wroten in "thanks to...". see details


Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga: Record radio (rus) - 6>1

Videos> Added by Tony: Jigga Jigga (Porn Star version), Jigga Jigga, Jigga Jigga (Live at VIVA Interaktiv), Scooter at TV-Total, Scooter at MTV Select, Maria (Live at VIVA Interaktiv), The Night (Live at VIVA Interaktiv), Weekend (Live at VIVA Interaktiv)


CD...graphy> Added scans of No Time To Chill - Limited Fan edition
Me & my stuff> Added No Time To Chill - Limited Fan edition & Sheffield - Limited edition, fixed photo with Pulsedriver

 Great news from Jay Frog! Meeting christmas with Jay Frog? Is it real? Yes! Turn on Sunshine-Live 25.12.2003 at 20:00 CET & you will heard Jay Frog live set from 20:00 to 22:00 !     


Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga: MC A.H Dance Chart - 21>18 [Thanx to Asko Huuki]


Single...graphy> Added Maria (I Like It Loud) NL release [Thanx to Chris]


Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga:
German Dance Media Chart - 4>1
Russian Radio Record - 6
German trends chart - only top 10 after 3 days of selling =(


CD...graphy> Added scans of Push The Beat For This Jam - French release [Thanx to DJ Montana]


Scooter "Jigga Jigga" (Live at Dome 28)Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga:
German DJ playlist - 5>2
MC A.H Dance Chart - 21
[Thanx to Asko Huuki]

Search for "Shinjuku" on --- "Jigga Jigga" video was released in fine quality SVCD


YEAH! Big Scooter discography update finished! I haven't any scans at my HDD now! So if you find something which not present in discography at my site please contact me!
Thanx to everybody who made this discography update with me --> ThiefRaider, Britt, MattyXB, Jani, notimetochill, Adacho, Dave-Ice, Razer, Ed, rearranger, Sonny, Daniel Fritz, Ben Fable, Liquid, C.Z.U.M.Y., WickedPosse
Single...graphy> Added FasterHarderScooter blue promo, scans of We Are The Greatest vinyl, We Are The Greatest Promo vinyl, Call Me Manana vinyl, FasterHarderScooter vinyl, FasterHarderScooter Promo blue vinyl, Fuck The Millenium - Limited edition, Fuck The Millenium vinyl, I'm Your Pusher, I'm Your Pusher Vinyl
Other...graphy> Added scans of Flip'n'Fill-Floorfillas Album

Videos> Added Jigga Jigga in rm


Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga:
German Dance Media chart - 20>4
German DJ Playlist - 9>5
Austria DJ chart - 19
Record radio (rus) - 19

Single...graphy> Added scans of Jigga Jigga - 2 tracks [Thanx to notimetochill]
Other...graphy> Added Section 11-Habanera Vinyl


Single...graphy> Added backcover of Jigga Jigga
CD...graphy> Added scans of Back To The Heavyweight Jam Digipack, Back To The Heavyweight Jam - Stricktly Limited Fuck The Millenium edition, Back To The Heavyweight Jam - Hungarian cassette, Sheffield - Limited edition, Sheffield - Japanese release, We Bring The Noise, We Bring The Noise - Limited edition, We Bring The Noise - Hungarian cassette [Thanx to Sonny, C.Z.U.M.Y., WickedPosse, Jani & many others]

Videos> As I report you - Scooter performed Medley at VIVA 10 Jahres show. dave-ice rip parts of it in .rm: Weekend, Maria, Jigga Jigga


Single...graphy> Added backcover of Jigga Jigga, another cover of Hyper Hyper vinyl & Jigga Jigga Promo vinyl
CD...graphy> Added scans of No Time To Chill Russian Cassette, No Time To Chill Hungarian cassette [Thanx to Sonny, daniel Fritz, Jani]


Single...graphy> Updated
CD...graphy> Added Push The Beat For This Jam Cassette, Encore - Live & Direct cassette, bigger sized scan of 24 Karat Gold
Axel Coon...graphy> Added scans of Rocco - Generation Of Love Remixes Vinyl, Van Nuys feat. Grace Pump - Wonderful World Vinyl


 Scooter performed Medley at VIVA 10 Jahres show which inclludes "Weekend", "Maria" & "Jigga Jigga". Performance was shooted some time ago because H.P. absolutely healthy :)


 Jigga Jigga (Porn Star version) was shooted by same director who shooted another X-Rated Scooter videos.
 H.P. said in TV-interview that especially for Tour 2004 prepared new version of first Scooter hit "Hyper Hyper" 

Single...graphy> Added Maria (I Like It Loud) - UK Promo, scans of Hyper Hyper 2nd misprint Vinyl, Maria (I Like It Loud) Promo vinyl [Thanx to Daniel Fritz], Jigga Jigga 2nd Vinyl
Jay Frog...graphy> Added 7 Years of DMD compilation (mixed by Jay Frog)
Axel Coon...graphy> Added scans of Rocco - Generation Of Love
Ratty...graphy> Added
Ron Van Der Beuken - Timeless (Keep On Movin') Remixes Vinyl, ATB - Hold You Remixes Vinyl [Thanx to Sonny]


 Jigga Jigga (Porn Star version) Does somebody watch is? Didn't you beleive me? See official playlist of

Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga:
German DJ playlist - 26>9
German Dance Media chart - 20

Single...graphy> Added german promo sheets of Endless Summer Remixes, Fire, The Age Of Love, We Are The Greatest / I Was Made For Loving You, FasterHarderScooter, Fuck The Millenium, Posse (I Need You On The Floor), Aiii Shot The DJ, Nessaja, The Night
Other...graphy> Added promo sheet of Our Happy Hardcore - Radio-Press Kit
Ferris...graphy> Added promo sheet of Girl

DJ Hooligan presents:

Back In The UK (MTV Censored version)
--> [28MB DivX] <--
www-premier of video




 Sadly news.. H.P. brake his shoulder & needs in operation. So 10-year show willn't be 4/12 =( See VIVA news page for some details. We wish H.P. to going well faster!
 Scooter will take part in competition to present Germany in Eurovision-2004 song contest  

Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga: Polish DJ chart - 1

Loop!...graphy> Added scans of DONS feat. Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam - Swedish release [Thanx to Liquid]
All discography cleaned up from mixes albums. They are useless. So only 609 releases stayed in discography now :)

Videos> Added Back In The UK (MTV censored version). DJ Frost add on his site "Jigga Jigga" in SVCD, RadiWolf ads "Rebel Yell" in SVCD. Respect!


Audio> Added Ravelab feat. Purwien - Send Me An Angel (Mario Lopez remix)

 I don't like "Star Story CD". Only voice story - without music or interview with group. Only narrator. CD booklet also contains many errors 


Other...graphy> Added scans of Star Story CD

If you want to add some info on 1st chapter or Scooter-related discography please do it now! From next weeek I start to update 2nd chapter.


CD...graphy> Added Rough & Tough & Dangerous - The Singles 94/98 cassette - added scans of Hungarian & Russian releases


2 years in search... & finally I've got it in SVCD!!!!... no comments


Making of "Jigga Jigga" video official pictures

Chart success of singles> Jigga Jigga: German DJ playlist - 26

Single...graphy> Added Fire - 2nd Vinyl, The Age Of Love - Hungarian cassette, bigger size covers of Fire Remixes Vinyl, scans of The Age Of Love - Hungarian release, The Age Of Love Vinyl, The Age Of Love Remixes Vinyl
CD...graphy> Added bigger sized scan of Age Of Love
[Thanx to Thiefraider, Ben Fable, WickedPosse, Jani]


Thiefraider & DJ Hooligan present:

--> [18MB DivX] <--

www-premier of video was here 21/11

15-05_ program begins with "Maria" sample, so Scooter video must be really today
15-25_ they announced Scooter video premiere
15-50_ announced again with small sample of video! - scene of Live performance
16-05_ VIDEO WAS SHOWN !!! AGRRRR! Davaj davaj davaj !!!!
16-15 Video is very colorfull. Live performance of Scooter in Japan + Scooter in streets
  & metro of Japan. Japanese girl walking on the strrets with fish..., cool end
16-20_ wait for video on site...

Review by SyNtHeSiZzLeR:
Live performance in Japan,Japanese crowd,ravers going mad,shouting Jigga Jigga...
HP shouting on tha mic,Jay and especially Rick going really wild on the keyboards...
HP has a great clothes on the video and some cool skeleton-hand glove
Then pictures of Shinjuku (part of Tokyo as I said),many many lights,many people,everything's going fast...
then parts from some Japanese TV shows,some quiz,sumo-wrestlers show,and off course many many Japanese letters
The weirdest part of the video - while Nikk sings some Japanese girl(dressed in school uniform,i think) is carrying
 very big fish in her arms...and so she walks...and when Nikk sings again,she's on some graveyard,she walks
 and in the end she puts the fish on some grave,really weird
The funniest part of the video - in the end of the video,when music stops,Jay & Rick are some kind of street players,
Rick is playing acoustic guitar,Jay's playing some round-shape instrument & HP's passing by,
and puts the money in the guitar box ...really cool!
16-55_ Ripped, compressing in DivX now...
17-00_ Thiefraider uploading video... Be patient... ;)
17-05_ 80% done
17-10_ Done. Another great world premier at my site! Massive thanx to great posse Thiefraider who rip & upload it!

frontback <---Ben Fable sent me this phone card scans with Scooter!
 Tracklists of 4 variants of "Jigga Jigga" you can find at singlegraphy. B-site "Shinjuku" will be on official release!
 Now I heard all versions besides B-side :) But if you don't heard radio edit you can listen to it from radio Sunshine Live:*deleted*
[Thanx to Robin DJ]

Single...graphy> Added Jigga Jigga, Jigga Jigga 2 tracks & Jigga Jigga 2nd Vinyl, scans of Maria (I Like It Loud) - UK release [Thanx to Ben Fable]

Videos> Added Jigga Jigga [World www-premier!]


Single...graphy> Added all Jigga Gigga covers, bigger size covers of Back In The UK, I'm Raving, promo(?) covers of Aiii Shot The DJ, The Age Of Love
Ratty...graphy> Added Marc et Claude - Loving You - UK release, scans of Marc et Claude - Loving You - Denmark release, ATB - Hold You US vinyl, ATB - Hold You / Let U

[Thanx to Ben Fable, WickedPosse, Britt]


Here small sample from radio edit of "Jigga Jigga" (download about 30% of file - it looped)
Около 50 клипов добавлено в заказы. Все объявленные эксклюзивы, которые я не закачивал на сайт так же можно заказать


Added new JIGGA JIGGA cover !

Single...graphy> Added Hyper Hyper - 2nd verion Misprint vinyl 2
Video...graphy> Added Modern Talking - Win The Race (Scooter remix) Russian promo VHS (!!!)
Fragrance...graphy> Added Rock Ryders - Don't You Know (13 tracks Maxi-CD! it contain text that Ferris Bueller take part in new vocal production!)
Ratty...graphy> Added ATB - Hold You US release, ATB - Hold You / Let U Go Spanish release, ATB - Hold You US vinyl, ATB - Hold You / Let U Go Spanish vinyl, scans of ATB - Hold You, better scan of Sunrise Vinyl, scan of another variant of Starsplash - Wonderful Days
[Thanx to Daniel Fritz, Thiefraider & Sonny]

Audio samples from Scooter Star Story CD you can find here


Single...graphy> Added Vinyl front scans of Hyper Hyper, Let Me Be Your Valentine, Let Me Be Your Valentine Remixes, I'm Raving, I'm Raving Remixes
Other...graphy> Added scan of Dance United - Reach Out Vinyl
AxelCoon...graphy> Added scan of Close To You Remixes Vinyl
JayFrog...graphy> Added another scans of Pushing Vinyl [Thanx to Schuta]

Rock Ryders "Don't You Know (Frangrance radio edit)" you can listen here. Coverscans of this Maxi-CD will be at my site tomorrow [Thanx to Sonny]
Please vote at official Scooter forum for video which I must upload to my site soon. I.e. Ferris - Girl [listen to radio edit]


JayFrog...graphy> Added scans of Ultra-Shock - The Sound Of -E- CD & vinyl. Now You can see "Remixed by Luiz O'Brian" label on cover (one of Jay Frog names). [Thanx to Ben Fable]


New single "Jigga Jigga"Single...graphy> Added Jigga Jigga cover

Seems to be JIGGA JIGGA video premier on VIVA Interaktiv will be 21.11.03 15:00
Also Here You can prelisten Clubmix
50 видеоклипов добавлено в раздел заказов


 95% of trance music now is covers. I know it & don't be so wonder if I will know about another remake. So I applied this information as usual thing & don't wrote about it at my site. But if you want to know about it you can read following text taken from Scar's site:
 1. Ron Van Den Beuken (a dutch trance producer) asked Scooter to do a remix for him for the track "Timeless". We all know this.
 2. Scooter did the remix of this track under the name Ratty. We all have heared the remix.
 3. Ron Van Den Beuken is also known as "The Mystery" (!). Yes, he did the remix for Mac Zimms ("L'annonce Des couleurs").
 4. So Scooter asked Ron to provide them his killer melody in return for doin' the remix (!)
 5. This is why "Jigga Jigga!" is so much like Mac Zimms (track "L'annonce Des couleurs (The Mystery remix)").
 Another melody used in "Jigga Jigga" taken from Fictivision vs C-Quence
 Сам про все эти заимствования писать не хочу, т.к. 95% транс-музыки сейчас перпевки и переделки, так что я не то что не удивляюсь, я уже воспринимаю такие ффакты как должное, поэтому и не хочу писать об этом. Но чтобы вы были в курсе, воспользуюсь текстом, который написал Scar на своём сайте:
 1. Ron Van Den Beuken (голландский транс-продюсер) попросил Scooter сделать ремикс на его трек "Timeless". Мы все знаем об этом.
 2. Scooter сделал ремикс на этот трек под именем Ratty. Все мы слышали этот ремикс.
 3. Ron Van Den Beuken также известен под именем "The Mystery" (!). Да, он сделал тот самый ремикс для Mac Zimms (трек "L'annonce Des Сouleurs").
 4. Ребята из Scooter попросили Ron'а разрешить им использовать его мелодию в их новом треке взамен на то, что они сделают ремикс на его новый трек "Timeless" (!).
 5. Вот почему "Jigga Jigga!" так напоминает Mac Zimms ("L'annonce Des Сouleurs" в ремиксе от "The Mystery").
 Другая мелодия использованная в "Jigga Jigga" принадлежит Fictivision vs C-Quence
 44 новейших видеоклипа добавлено в раздел "заказ диска"


 I saw more Scooter MTV & usual videos at 2 displays to compare them & I was shoked !!! Not only "Move Your Ass" - "Friends" & "Back In The UK" also differs from original ones !!!
 "Friends" not contain scene when girl brushing a car. In original video - pack which girl gives to man in the street will explode. But in MTV version man only smiling & see to going out car. So cutted all "bad" scenes. So MTV thought that video must bring happiness? :)
 In "Back In The UK" cutted some violence scenes at the middle & at the end of video. I.e. man which pearced by iron peak to a door, some dead peoples. Also was cutted running girl with small skirt :
 As for "Move Your Ass" - I aleready described all differences at my page at last year. [Thanx to Daniel & Britt for inspiration]
 Я посмотрел ещё несколько клипов Scooter с канала MTV, сравнил их с оригинальнымии офигел! Не только "Move Your Ass" отличается - "Friends" и "Back In The UK" так же не прошли мимо цензуры МТВ-шников!
 "Friends" не содержит сцены, где девочка разрисовывает машину. Ещё в обычном видео подарок, который эта девочка дарит человеку на улице взрывается. Но в версии MTV этот чел только улыбается, смотря на подарок и провожает взглядом удаляющуюся вдаль машину. Видимо тогда MTV считало что все видеоклипы должны излучать радость и счастье? :)
 В клипе "Back In The UK" вырезано несколько "жёстких" сцен в середине и в конце клипа. Таких как человек пришпиленый железным штырём к двери, несколько сцен с трупами на полу. МТВ даже вырезало сцену с пробегающей девушкой в короткой юбке :)

 А про "Move Your Ass" я уже в прошлом году достаточно подробно писал.


Videos> Added Scooter & Mark Keller - Abracadabra [Thanx to Britt for videocassette]

Me & My Collection> Added photo of me with Pulsedriver

coming soon... Ferris "Girl" & "Heaven"
Ferris - GirlFerris - Heaven


Scooter & Mark KellerAbracadabra
Hey Posse! Do you want to know what you will get soon from my page? Another couple of exclusive videos !

Scooter - Jigga Jigga (www-premier at the same day as on german TV!)
Scooter & Mark Keller - Abracadabra
(now you see frames from it)
Scooter - Back In The UK (MTV Censored version)
Scooter - Freinds (MTV Censored version)
Ferris - Girl
Ferris- Heaven (full)
see my page tomorrow for details....


Single...graphy> Added better scan of Nessaja - Limited edition [Thanx to WickedPosse]

Chart success: of non-singles> Roll Baby Roll / Swinging In the Jungle: Radio Record (rus) - 20>9


Single...graphy> Added Maria UK Vinyl, CD scan of Nessaja US release
CD...graphy> Added better scan of 24 Karat Gold+3 [Thanx to Sonny]
Other...graphy> Added backscan of Star Story [Thanx to Sonny]
Ratty...graphy> Added scans of Gouryella - Tenshi US release [Thanx to Thiefraider]

Video on "Jigga Jigga" was shooted during Japanese promo-tour
Here You can prelisten Clubmix! [Thanx to DJ Soundnoiser & Thiefraider]
90 видеоклипов добавлено в раздел заказов (Misc), среди которых 3 новых живых выступления Scooter


Single...graphy> Added Nessaja NL release
Other...graphy> Added Star Story [Thanx to Eyluwf]
AxelCoon...graphy> Added scan of Rocco - Generation Of Love Remixes Vinyl [Thanx to Sonny]
Ratty...graphy> Added Starsplash - Wonderful Days Promo

You can listen club mix of "Jigga Jigga" from radio here or here [Thanx to ice8 & DJ Soundnoiser]

Me & My Collection> Added Move Your Ass Remixes, Endless Summer Remixes, Back In The UK remixes, Let Me Be Your Valentine remixes, I'm Raving remixes, Break It Up, Fire Remixes - 4 tracks, The Age Of Love - Limited edition (purple), FasterHarderScooter, She's The Sun, Ramp! (The Logical Song) - Limited edition, Nessaja, Simon & Shanin - Do The Right Thing


at PTBFTJat single

[Thanx to Ben Fable, Sonny]

 I returned from "Dance Planet Quattro" (St.Peterburg) with authographs of Nic Chaggal (Cosmic Gate) & Pulsedriver. I had small talk with Pulsedriver & send hello to Axel Coon! He smiling & shake my hand!
 New single from Scooter called "Jigga Jigga" & it will be released at 08.12.2003
<-- Ben Fable just found another interesting thing. Cover of "Aiii Shot The DJ" at "Push The Beat For This Jam" compilation. It differs from original one (see title).

 Я возвратился из Питера через Москву с "Dance Planet Quattro" с автографами Nic Chaggal-а (Cosmic Gate) и Pulsedriver-а. Передал через Pulsedriver'а привет Axel Coon'у, на что он улыбнулся сказал "О-о-о!" и мы хлопнулись с ним ладошами! Спасибо Mystical, XAnder, EDBaby, D-MAN'94 без которых поездка стала бы невозможной и конечно KLF и ColdDave за "хорошее место" в корридоре :)
 Новый сингл от Scooter будет называться "Jigga Jigga" и выйдет 08.12.2003
<-- Ben Fable снова нашёл интересную вещь на облложке альбома-сборника группы. На этот раз обложка "Aiii Shot The DJ" на "Push The Beat For This Jam" выглядет отличающейся от реальной. Заострите внимание на названии сингла.

Single...graphy> Added Jigga Jigga Vinyl, Maria - Russian release & vinyl scan of Let Me Be Your Valentine remixes Vinyl
AxelCoon...graphy> Added Van Nuys - Wonderful World Vinyl

Me & My Collection> Added Nessaja - NL 4 tracks release (signed by HP), Posse - USA release, Maria - Russian release, Maria - Russian cassette, Age of Love - German release (album)


Video...graphy> Added Weekend Promo VHS [Thanx to notimetochill]


Scooter-Star Hoerbuch
1.Introduction - Scooter - "Hyper, Hyper"
2.1. Kapitel, Hans-Peter aus Leer
3.2. Kapitel, Make-Up and Musik
4.3. Kapitel, Die große weite Welt
5.4. Kapitel, Mädchen für Alles
6.5. Kapitel, Die Party beginnt
7.6. Kapitel, Hyper, Hyper
8.7. Kapitel, Drei sind - manchmal - einer zuviel
9.8. Kapitel, Hochzeit - und Trennung
10.9. Kapitel, Ein tierischer Erfolg
11.10. Kapitel, Und jetzt noch die große Liebe...

<-- This thing was appear in some e-shops. This is CD, DVD or book I don't know. It will be released under Warner label at 17.11.03. Such items also released for another famous artist.

<-- Вот такая штука появилась в интернет-магазинах. Что это - книга, диск или DVD не понятно. Это будет выпущено на лейбле Warner уже 17 ноября. Подобные штуки будут выпущены (с таким же названием) и для других знаменитых исполнителей

Single...graphy> Added backcover scans of I'm Raving Vinyl, I'm Raving blue label CD
CD...graphy> Added scan of Wicked - Hungarian cassette, better scan of  Wicked

 80 видеоклипов добавлено в раздел заказов (Misc)

[Thanx to everybody who making discography update with me --> Britt, ThiefRaider, Jani, notimetochill, Adacho, Dave-Ice, Razer, Ed, rearranger, Sonny, Raver Scorcher, Daniel Fritz, Ben Fable, Wicked Posse]


 А ниже я вытащил для вас кадр из выступления Scooter c "Марией" на голланском Top Of The Pops (9'03)  This is snapshot from "Maria" performance at TOTP NL (9'03)

Maria (Live at TOTP NL)
Single...graphy> Added backcover scans of Back In The UK Remixes Vinyl, Let Me Be Your Valentine Vinyl, Let Me Be Your Valentine Remixes Vinyl
CD...graphy> Added better scans of  Our Happy Hardcore


 Новый дизайн официального сайтa Scooter будет представлен в начале 2004 года. Как обычно обещают более часто обновляемые новости :) Дизайн моего сайта так же притерпит некоторые изменения в ближайшие дни.  New design of Scooter official site will be changed at the beginning of next year. As always promised more oftenly updated news :) Design of my site also will be some more changed

Chart success: of non-singles> Roll Baby Roll / Swinging In the Jungle: Radio Record (rus) - 20


 Теперь мой сайт вы найдёте здесь, вместе со Scooter-Posse форумом! [DJ Hooligan, Thiefraider, Sheffy]
 Спартак отказался от идеи Scooter-гимна.

 Два новых Ratty-ремикса отличаются друг от друга только наличием вокала.
 Finally is rebirth! Since this time my site located here with the best Scooter forum ever! [DJ Hooligan, Thiefraider, Sheffy - people who keep this spirit alive!]
 According to russian TV news FC Spartak Moscow cacelled idea with hymn written by Scooter.
Dub & Full On Vocal Ratty remixes differs from each other only by vocal existing.

Ferris...graphy> Added scans of Ferris - Girl

Thanx to Thiefraider for some design elements & conception & Sheffy for cool forum & hosting! Toghether we are rule!


 Jens Thele подтвердил информацию о том, что Спартак заинтересовался ими как авторами для нового гимна. Однако это ещё не обсуждалось, т.к. Спартак ещё не предоставил необходимых данных [спасибо тебе, Fidel Wicked :)]  Jens Thele confirmed information that FC Spartak Moscow interested in hymn which will be made by Scooter. But not discussed with them yet [Thanx to Fidel Wicked]

Chart success: of singles> Maria (I Like It Loud):
Ireland dance chart - 7
Ireland - 23

Videos> Updated. Removed about 100 dead videolinks


 Fragrance сделали ремикс для Rock Ryders! Спасибо ice8 за инфу и мрЗ-файл, который вы могли скачать тут...
 Когда я получил эту информацию, я пробежал по нескольким сайтам и нашёл обложку с треклистом, а так же некоторую небезынтересную информацию: Fragrance (как вы знаете это проект Ferris, Axel Coon, Silvio Von Lichtenstein и Kai Zepmeisel) планируют создать собственный сайт, который будет располагаться по адресу
 И наконец... Вы слышали, что "Don't Break My Heart" исполняется девушкой-вокалисткой. Её зовут Mara и взглянуть на неё вы сможете, если поглядите чуть вправо.
Mara - female-vocalist of Fragrance  Fragrance made a remix for Rock Ryders! Thanx ice8 for this info! He presented it for DL here...
 When I receive this info I browse some sites & find coverscan & tracklist of this release for you. Also with interesting information: Fragrance (you know that Fragrance are Ferris, Axel Coon, Silvio Von Lichtenstein & Kai Zepmeisel) planned to make own site. It will be located at
 And at the end... You know that "Don't Break My Heart" performed by female vocalist. Her name is Mara & you can view at her photo at the left.

Fragrance...graphy> Added Rock Ryders - Dont You Know Remixes Vinyl

Заказ диска> Добавлено 13 видеоклипов


Here some days ago you could listen to Ratty Dub remix on "Timeless" [Thanx to ice8]

Chart success: of singles> Maria (I Like It Loud): Estonia - 22>21

JayFrog...graphy> Added scans of Pushin' Vinyl [Thanx to Schuta]

Me & My Collection> Added singles The Night - German release, Maria - International release

Заказ диска> Добавлено 70 видеоклипов


Single...graphy> Added scans of Weekend - Spanish vinyl [Thanx to Thiefraider]
AxelCoon...graphy> Added cover of Pulmberg - The Hustle vinyl [Thanx to Sonny]

Me & My Stuff> Added singles Friends, Aiii Shot The DJ, Ramp!

Заказ диска> Добавлено 55 видеоклипов


 И вот наконец вышел новый ремикс от Ratty (а возможно даже и 2 его версии - см. подробности в Ratty...графии). Здесь можно прослушать отрывок из ремикса.  New Ratty remix was just released (even may be in 2 versions - see Ratty...graphy for details). Here you can hear sample from remix

Ratty...graphy> Added Ron Van Beuken - Keep On Movin' (Timeless) Vinyl & Ron Van Beuken - Keep On Movin' (Timeless) Remixes Promo vinyl

Заказ диска> Добавлено 50 видеоклипов


Chart success: of singles> Maria (I Like It Loud):
UK Indie chart - 5
UK - 16
UK Dance chart - 30

Photos from Scooter in Stollberg 10/10/2003. See it at VIVA Bams 17.10.2003! [Thanx to Chris]


Chart success: of singles> Maria (I Like It Loud):
Estonia - 25>22
Belgium - 39>38

CD...graphy> Added The Stadium Techno Experience 2nd release & Hungarian cassette [Thanx to Schuta, Jani]
Also thanx to Wicked Posse for scans. They will appear at the site next week


 Вот какие новости появились на нескольких спортивных и новостных сайтах. Верится конечно с трудом... Руководство футбольного «Спартака» решило обзавестись собственным гимном. Несмотря на то что конкурс еще не объявлен, на российский клуб уже вышли некоторые зарубежные звезды. С предложением написать гимн «Спартаку» к руководству клуба обратились группы «Скорпионз» и «Скутер». подобности здесь.  Russian news sites publish news (even with interview) that Scooter & Scorpions offer to write a hymn for russian football club Spartak Moscow.

Single...graphy> Added Move Your Ass Remixes Spanish vinyl, Endless Summer Spanish release [Special great thanx to Thiefraider !!!], Endless Summer French 2 tracks release, scans of Vallee De Larmes - Black vinyl, Hyper Hyper - Misprint vinyl, Friends vinyl, Endless Summer vinyl, Endless Summer Remixes vinyl, better quality scans of Move Your Ass EP & Move Your Ass Remixes
CD...graphy> Added scans of  And The Beat Goes On - Canadian promo, And The Beat Goes On - Swedish release
AxelCoon...graphy> Added Blend - Rise Of Tonight - Australian release, Rocco - Generation Of Love (Axel Coon remix differ from vinyl by lenght!)
[Thanx to everybody who making discography update with me --> Britt, ThiefRaider, Jani, notimetochill, Adacho, Dave-Ice, Razer, Ed, rearranger, Sonny, Raver Scorcher, Daniel Fritz, Ben Fable]


 Согласен со всеми, кто уже оценил ремикс от британской команды Ultrabeat. Это на самом деле неплохой ремикс и кстати единственный на эту песню. Причём вышедший только в Великобритании  I agree with everybody - Ultrabeat remix for "Maria" is pretty good! By the way it is one & only remix on "Maria" & it availble only in UK.


 Вот что написал на своём сайте Alex: Цитирую Ger'у: "В декабре Scooter'а планируют приехать в Москву с большой концертной программой в честь своего десятилетия.
 На Dance Planet HP не приедет - он действительно собирался посетить Питер вместе с одним своим другом, но у них что-то там поменялось. Ну а кого волнует личная жизнь солиста всеми нами любимой группы, то в этом плане всё OK. Возможно, дело даже дойдёт до свадьбы!!!". Gera утверждает, что всё это она узнала от очень хорошего знакомого Hans'а, с которым она познакомилась после пресс-конференции в Москве. Ну что же, если всё это правда и ребята к нам действительно приедут, то всё это просто замечательно!!! :-) [Thanx to Alex & Gera]

Single...graphy> Added The Night - Austaralian release, scans of  Weekend - UK cassette, Maria - 2 tracks, The Night - 2 tracks, some bug fixes [Thanx to notimetochill, Thiefraider, Rearranger, Jani & many others - next update will come soon]
CD...graphy> Added Sheffield cassette, Sheffield - Hungarian cassette, scans of Sheffield - Russian releease, big & more quality scans of Sheffield - Limited edition
AxelCoon...graphy> Updated


 Jay Frog выступил со своим Live Set-ом на пати, посвящённой 6-летию передачи "Welcome To The Club" радио Sunshine-Live. Сутки тому назад вы могли услышать это в эфире.
 А 25 декабря он отыграет в этой передаче свой 2х-часовой сет!
 Jay Frog played his live-set on the 6-year birthday of "Welcome To The Club" program party on the Sunshine-Live radio. You could hear it on the air about 25 hours ago.
 25 December Jay will play his 2-hour live-set directly in program "Welcome To The Club".

Single...graphy> Added Maria (I Like It Loud) Italian vinyl [Thanx to Sonny]

Заказ диска> Добавлено 60 видеоклипов


Chart success: of singles> Maria (I Like It Loud):
Europe top 100 - 11>10
Estonia - 25
Belgium - 39

Single...graphy> Added Maria (I Like It Loud) russian cassette [Thanx to Raver Scorcher], some bugs fixed [Thanx to Thiefraider]


 24 Karat Gold+3 was released as previous release + 3"CD (!!!) with 3 tracks. Look for pictures on CD...graphy [Thanx to Schuta]

 English version of latest interview with Jens Thele by Fidel Wicked [taken from ScooterPlanet site]:

F.Wicked: what is the birthdate of Scooter? Is there a fix date?
-So, 10 years now, it's a long time to go :) What do you feel and think about it?
-have you got any thoughts during this 10 years about to stop make Scooter?
-What do you think about the future of Scooter?
-Are you going to change Jay for a new member in 2006?
-I know that you are going to make a great party at the 4'th of December, "10'th Anniversary". Are you preparing any suprises for this party, as a premier of a new single? Is it true that there will be the former members of Scooter - Ferris Bueller and Axel Coon?
-Are you going to release any special CD for your 10'th Anniversary? Some people talking about "24 Carat + 3 Gold". Is it true?
-Can you give some information about the forthcoming single? Is it something new, or it's a cover version again? What it's name?
-what is the release dates of next single and album?
-I know that very soon there will be a release of single by Ron Van Den Beuken - "Timeless", and there will be a Ratty Remix. It's great that you didn't forget about Ratty, 'cause a lot of people really likes this project! Is the sound of Ratty the same, or maybe you've made something new?
-Are you going to release the singles by the name Ratty anymore?
-Thanks a lot for your answers! And respect! Best regards!

CD...graphy> Added 24 Karat Gold +3, 24 Karat Gold NL cassette

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