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Scooter Singles
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05.04.2019 Scooter & Xillions - Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me) Web
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1. Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me) (3:15)
2. Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me) - Extended mix (5:02)
31.05.2019 Scooter x Harris & Ford - God Save The Rave Web
1. Scooter x Harris & Ford - God Save The Rave (3:12)
2. Scooter & Xillions - Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me) (3:15)

LP = 12 inch vinyl long play album
MC = music cassette (tape)
CDM = Maxi-CD
3" CDM = 3 inch Maxi-CD
CDS = CD single
12" = 12 inch vinyl single
7" = 7 inch vinyl single
2xCD = double CD
2xLP = double LP
2x12" = double 12", 3x12" = triple 12", ...

All media for every release are sorted by type (CD->vinyl->MC->Web).
Promo releases are at the end of current media type list.
The first in row is the main release (usually German).
Releases with same tracklist & type of media are placed in one cell.
If there are many web-releases with same tracklist, than only one presented in discography (i.e.
If same edit was on compilations only, than there is only one compilation title in discography.
New editions or remixed edition are in the next row after all media types of original release.
Italic font means that this isn't printed on release.
Unofficial bootleg vinyls & fan remixes aren't presented! Only officially released stuff.

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